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Blacksmith Shop on Wheels

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Howdy. Earlier in the year I saw posted on Craigslist a "mobil Blacksmith shop" listed somewhere in Claifornia. The shop was built on, I believe, a 16 ft trailer. It had wooden sides that dropped down for demonstrating,and also doubled for displays, jacks on the corners for stabilizing and leveling. I believe it had a wooden roof. If any of you know the whereabouts or owner of this trailer is I would greatly appreciate any information. I live in Oklahoma and would like pictures of the trailer and would like to build one. Thank you for your time.Dave

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I would also like to see the one you are describing.


First, I suggest that you view this: 

Also here is a post that talks about portable shops '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>


Over many years I have seen several different modified portable blacksmith shop designs, but not one of 

them seemed to be the "END ALL" of portable shops to me. 

So I am still looking also.


The Farriers out where I live must travel to do their craft.  

Many of their rigs are set up well enough to do demonstrations of blacksmithing also. 

So I suggest that you Google for Farrier Sites for some suggestions such as this: Farrier portable shop


I wish you the best in finding what your after!

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