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Val Oil Discontinued?


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I went to my friendly Lowes today to order my annual case of Val Oil and heard from them that Valspar no longer makes it/has none left. Does anyone know exactly what Val Oil was (nmaybe I could mix my own)? Any suggestions on a new clear, outdoor finish (that can be sprayed too?). I've tried clear permalac before and found it to be 3x more $ than val oil and hold up 2/3 as long.

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Are you in California? Nort much is available there any more........Matches. Hair Spray.Brake Parts Cleaner. etc. etc.


I never have heard of that. I was tought by a master smith to use Johnson's Paste wax as it prevents rust. That is to say as long as it isn't out doors, won't get wet. Near zero humidity and you don't allow anyone to touch it.


You are spraying this stuff on and it is clear????? Can't you use Duplicolor Engine Enamel DE1636  (Clear Spray)

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I'm in MD. I mix Val Oil with mineral spirits 50/50, then spray and usually get pretty good results. I did a ton of research tonight and the best I could do on val-oils ingrediants is found out it is a wiping oil and very possibly composed of spar varnish mixed with mineral spirits 1:1. Has anyone tried spar varnish or a mix like that?

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I've never done that with spar varnish, like Helmsmans, but I've cut plenty of standard urethane finishes like Minwax with Naptha for spraying. Usually I opt for Naptha over mineral spirits because I want the stuff to no only thin, but dry faster. Use has been on wood rather than steel and indoor applications. ( I had a dozen doors and a few hundred feet of trim to get finished in a short weather widow in the winter.)



Minwax ( who makes Helmsmans) is usually pretty good if you call and ask questions on the use of their products. They can tell you if cutting it 50/50 with mineral spirits is going to cause any issues. They may make another solvent  recommendation like they did with me when they suggested Naptha years back.

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