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I Forge Iron

my first metal work

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ok nothing too impressive, just had 1/4" metal bar from home depot sitting around and decided I was just going to play around, made it into a nice thin fire poker. created a handle and just bent the other tip down, I also twisted the metal just to kinda get a feel for it. Over all it was fun getting to know and test my forge. I'm actually quite excited! oh and by the way, I used a sledge hammer head for an anvil on this one
Photo 1

Photo 2, Photo 3
aside from that my forge seems to be working nicely! :) got the metal to a cherry red and yellow. I'm pleased and aching to get some real stuff to manipulate!




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i agree move off the deck. if i were you. (unless you like the whole priaml forge idea and breaking your back gonig from forge to anvil and bewing cratched down all day) i would try to find a way to raise the forge up so it's about at your waist or at least the hight of your anvil. looks good. more sophisticated than mine was when i first started. mine was a hole in the ground with a camping blow pipe as a air supply. *i could weld in it though*

Son Daughtry

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