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Pipe Tomahawk

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Nice work either way. I've been studying on the pipehawks and their construction. I have a friend who wants one made for him. Trying to read and ask all I can before I try one myself. Thanks for the answers.

I will probably do my first with a piece of muzzleloader barrel, as he has some to play with. Any suggestions on getting a good weld between the bowl and the rest of the head? I figured I would split the barrel, then forge weld it into the eye area, then do my drifting for the haft.

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The ones that I have done with gun barrels I just fuller the neck of the bowl down to almost closed. Then split and drift the eye. Hammer out the blade some what,forge weld in a piece of steel and then finsh the blade on out. Go back drill out the inside hole in the neck to about 1/8 of an inch. The only forge welding is the steel for the cutting edge

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