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new "project condition" southbend lathe

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I've long regretted selling two lathes I used to have, and this came up for sale one day when I mentioned I was looking for one.  Despite the condition, missing parts, and suspect heritage, I grabbed it.  It seems to be, more or less, a southbend 9" model c.  




Except for a gouge that doesn't seem to affect function, the bed seems to be free of major wear, rust seems only minor, no pitting.  The gears are all free of chips and are missing no teeth.  The cross slide is someone else's homemade contraption.  Also included was a compound crossslide from a hardinge lathe that had some busted and missing parts.  With the exception of the swivel mechanism, the compound slide seems to be in decent shape, so one of the first tasks will be figuring out a way to attach it and regain the swivel feature. I'll also need to come up with a faceplate and/or chuck somehow.


If anyone wants to chime in with any info or advice, I'd appreciate it.  I'll post updates here as I make progress, or otherwise attempt to make such.


PS:  I'm also accepting donations of potentially compatible parts that are taking up too much room in your junk pile :D

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It would help if you post a general location.   Also, can you determine the thread and diameter of the spindle?  It looks like you are also missing the tailstock.   Sending out as many specs as possible will help us determine if what we have might be useful to you.

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Hi njanvilman,


I do have the tailstock, albeit no tooling for it.  I forgot to include it in the picture.  The thread and diameter of the spindle is 1.5" - 8 TPI.    And thanks for the reminder about general location.  I updated my profile.  I'm in the Ozarks of northern Arkansas.

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There are enough 9" Southbends out there that you shouldn't have a bit of trouble finding anything you need for yours. When I bought my 1952 Heavy 10 a few years ago, I ordered a few replacement parts from the factory. As I understand it, Grizzly tools bought them out and is now handling the parts business.

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