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New big car jack


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In the stage before div . girprosjekt emerged a big old " good" jack that could lift more than one piece of bread . It was Homer who had one too many ... thank you!
Various things were checked and it was just before I parked it behind the garage . Meanwhile, there appeared a nice 2 tonner on offer in Sweden , and the woman asked me if I wanted it as a Christmas present ? It was not easy to say no , I did not know if I at all would get the power back in the old Nike - jack ?

But one day I got the spirit of me , and dismantled the master cylinder . Oh yes , there was a cracked gasket.
Then I got courage, and checked out the prices and options . Price with TESS : about 500 Norwegian kroner (83 $) plus aggravation. So, after many telephone calls deny I got in touch with Norway's nicest and helpful people at the firm - Hydex Cylinder Technique in Grorud . Price where 125 kroner (20 $) ...

Seal was in place , but I found out I was going to paint the jack , but the logo " NIKE " curb design. So then I had to photo shop , take printing on plain bond paper and paint it with a clear coat so it was approved with a nostalgic touch .

That was it :
Sånn var logoen:


Nice thing! Works in to steps. First fast, and when the force is comming, it will "gear down" and make big force!

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