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A pair of Benghazi Warfighters


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I had a couple of customers who are friends who wanted Benghazi Warfighters from me.  The one had already gotten a War Chief tomahawk, and the other wanted the blade on his to be extra long.
Both were forged from 1/4" 5160, both got black canvas Micarta handle slabs.
The regular-sized one is 11 1/8" overall with a 6 1/2" blade.
Both also got black Kydex sheaths with TekLoks.
Here it is with the War Chief.  I think they go well together.
The oversized one has an overall length of 12 3/4" and a blade length of 8 1/8".
By way of comparison:
In spite of the significant difference in blade length, they both balance at about the same point at the choil.  That's because I left out the lightening holes in the tang of the long one.  The new owner commented on how lively it is, "feels like an extension of my hand."  :)
Both gentlemen have served in the armed forces, Air Force and Marines respectively.  Thank y'all, fellows!
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