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I was just checking Glenn's notices about events this weekend and a couple caught my eye. Austin Edens is a world class smith and he has a lot to share. Dan Bradley also has a lot to share. These two are known widely in the world of horseing but in order to get there they went through the basics of 'smithing. IF any of you get the chance this time around go if you. Every summer there is a worlds blacksmithing championship in Calgary. The folks that win the title go on tour and give clinics that are normally scheduled through farrier groups both state and national. These do not cost alot and even if you have no interest in shoeing it is worthwhile. Techniques they use for shoes are those that we use for other work. Shaping, bumping up, piercing, drifting, forge welding are part of a shoer's day. They usually do a two or three day clinic and one day will be a hands on session where you work and they observe and make suggestions...Days ends at the ones I have attended were q and a sessions. If you cannot make the two this weekend keep an eye on Glenn's site for the future and check out the American Farriers Association site for clinics coming to your area, You might speed the learning curve a lot.

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