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Ohio Classic Knife Show Knives


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I thought I might show a few of the knives I'll be taking to the Ohio Classic Knife Show at the end of the month.
The first one is an Integral I forged from 1" square 5160 and selectively hardened. Following the first photo is a picture of the forging process about 1/2 way through. You can see the square to round to knife progression. (This was before drawing out the tang)
The handle is a fantastic piece of stabilized Spalted Oak! I'm astounded by the figure in it.
You may also notice, that, yes, it's a Take-down. (Did you expect anything else?)
The spacer is a piece of hot-blued mild steel, as well as the take-down nut.
I'll have a few clay-quenched W1 Integrals to ake as well.
Overall length on this one is 11 1/8".


Secondly is a 5160 Bubinga Bowie with Polished Stainless fittings.
The faceted butt cap was polished and satin finished to gove the "jeweled" effect that I like.
Hot blued Take-down nut.
Hand-rubbed finish that shows off the edge quench quite well.
Overall length of just under 14" with a 9 inch blade.
I will be devoting a page on my web site to show the knives I will be taking to the show.

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