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I Forge Iron

some of my first hawks

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i`m new here, so i guess i`ll show some of my stuff. i don`t know how to make the pics smaller like you guys do.


these are all Railway spike. the ones with the head left on throw really well


this is antique/old crowbar. also my favourite hawk. throws very nicely and will go thru 4inch birch branch in about 3 swings.

i use whatever hard wood for handles, especially for throwing, because they break far to often. industrial type mop handles take minimal shaving down to fit, especially with the round hole.

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the hooked beak hawk was actually a 1.5 pd ball peen hammer. weighed just over a pound when it was done, about 19 oz. my first "hammer" hawk. thanks for the comments. i have a nasty habit of making knives " ping" a lot . almost 45% breakage rate. am taking a break from those till spring when my oil quench turns to liquid again.

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