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Forge table thickness


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I've designed myself a new table forge to replace the old brake drum forge I'm currently using as the limitations are beginning to become apparant and I'm in dire need of a hood and chimney on my forge. I'm ready to order the steel, but I've just thought that I don't know what thickness to make the table- I was thinking 3mm sheet which I would support with welded bars attatched to the frame, do you think that is sufficient? I'll probably use thinner stuff for the hood, but the main table is the concern here!

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.25 in will suffice for the table thickness. Make certain to box in the area of the fire pot to prevent any heat distortion. Either use angle or flat stock. You don't forge on the table it only supports the fire pot, air piping and whatever coal you have on the deck. Think about adding under mounted tubing to support extensions if you work with long pieces. Also, if you intend to pile coke on the table add provisions for a back plate so it doesn't all wind up getting pushed off onto the floor. I edge my table with angle iron that formed a perimeter lip of sorts. You therefore have an attachment point for all manner of attachments. Good luck.


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