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Ashokan 2007

Sam Salvati

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You missed a great one! The hammer in at Ashokan NY was AWESOME! Rick Barrett did an awesome Tamahagane (Japanese tatara smelted steel) billet welding demo, Jim Siska did a EXCELLENT hollow grinding demo, he did in 4 passes what it takes some atleast 30 minutes, and made it look so simple a 2 year old could do it. Burt Foster did an EXCELLENT clay coat quench demonstration. Ric Furrer did a SADLY unsuccessful crucible run, but it was VERY cool nonetheless to learn the truth about the whole process not just some BS (not blacksmithing). Kevin Cashen's l;ectures were both HIGHLY informative and hilarious, the 360 degree bend test was unbeleivable! Howard Shecter gave a very interesting talk alongside Don Fogg about proper sharpening stones and how to get a REAL shaving edge on a proper straight razor. Dan Maragni is a GREAT guy, with excellent taste in forging and metallurgical history and blade history books! Thanks to Kevin for those ISBN numbers. Overall an excellent time! If you have never been it is worth the trip, Owen Bush even came all the way from England!

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