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New user on here. Spent the past few days reading the forums lots of knowledge on here. I've been collecting tools for the last 10 years, finally got back to using the anvil. It's a small guy but I hope to be upgrading to the 300-400# range. Building another longer forge for fence work. I just keep hitting the estate sales hoping to score something cheap. I'm glad I love in Arizona now so I can work outside year round. Although it tends to get a little toasty in the summer with the forge going. I've played with the layout for the past few months and this seems to work the best. No 220 out there so the welder runs off the small generator. Planning on doing small jobs around the house and making lots of tools to practice. Can do pretty much anything with the setup I have, just takes a little more time. I have a nice steel supplier who delivers weekly at half the price of anyone else around so that keeps me going. Any comments are much appreciated. If you can think of any tools that could save me some time please let me know.


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Looks like your headed in the right direction......this forum is filled with knowledgeable and
talented members that will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
As far as what tools you may need.......alot of that depends on how specialized or diversified
you ultimately want your operation to be.
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