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New knife maker I'm posting for


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Greg (my boss at Custom Welding and Design) has started making knives! Finally the last year of letting him handle mine has paid off. 


A few months ago I made him a small blacksmith's knife from 440C - last week he decided he didn't like the all-metal grip, cut half the tang off, drilled then epoxied it in a piece of antler. He finished it off with clear coat because that's what he had.



Him and his next project: 1080 and antler. This time he's doing all the work, and I'll help along the way. 


You can see that bladesmith twinkle in his eye.


He was/is a fast-paced fabricator/foreman, so slowing down to work on them properly has been his biggest struggle. With the right encouragement I think he'll be making great stuff in no time... hint hint guys :)

If we really push we may be able to convince him to create an IFI account, haha

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He is ground to shape and today heat treated (hardened for now, tempering at home tonight).

It's always really interesting how much/little carries over from steel fabrication to our field. For instance, none of the guys know the chemical difference between iron and steel - I tried to explain mild vs high carbon and heat treating, but avoided stuff like body vs face bicubic. I think Greg got it, at least he looked like he did haha

Super limited in tools, hardening was done with oxy acetylene and hydraulic fluid... here's where you guys are going to hate me: no magnet or thermometer available. I had to do by eye, which I detest. Did my best considering the lighting, which could not be dimmed/turned off since there are guys working. 

Giving him copper or brass for the guard tomorrow. He'll probably spend the whole day with sandpaper polishing the blade first... or at least I want him to. Technically he is the boss haha


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