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Question about removing flux


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I just made my first stainless steel damascus knife, with help from a local blacksmith. He's deployed overseas now so I can't ask him. It is made of VG-10 and 440 and 420 steel. When soldering the bolsters on some of the flux got onto the blade. He did the etching for me in his tank. Is there a way to remove the flux without messing up the etch? If not I may just sand and reetch but I wanted to know what would be a good mix to etch in. Also for about how long to etch the blade.



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I never solder guards on pattern welded blades. I suspect you have solder on the blade. If it is flux..windex and a toothbrush will remove it. If it is solder you may have to grind it off and refinish the blade.

It was just the flux. It took some elbo grease to get it off. Doesn't look like I'll have to refinish the blade thank goodness.

How do you attach your bolsters if you don't solder?
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