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I was going to hijack Makoz thread but thought intro better done in separate thread. Here it is.
Fifteens years under gods eyes I have worked in a forging plant. Mostly we make near net, flashless closed die forgings like axle shafts, side gears, output shafts, cvt transmission pulleys etc etc...
When I started they threw a pair of channel locks in my hands and said 'run this.' They probably should have explained to me that a struggle would soon ensue between me and the induction heater because I went for the billet and the induction field yanked the pliers right from my hand. :o The fellow took over and Ill tell you he made it sure look far easier than expected. He'd toss it in and that fat ram would pound the xxxx out of it. They took real pleasure watchin my debacles. So do I now when new hires follow the same folly :D
Ive ran National 2500 tons, Ajax 2500, Ajax1500, National 1500, Minster 300, Clearing crank less 1700, EG Blis 4ft stroke 1700. Some have nachi robots some dont.
As you can see my labors began drudging as a oper, no qualms about it I learned more than most so called Degree'd engineers.
But now I design tooling with AutoCad and I trouble shoot our processes. I also design graphite lubrication system and sliding punches needing that type of application, makes for quick change of tools.
I just built a forge and 'roughed-in' my first knife yesterday. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
BTW the term mostly used to tell some to start up and run is 'heat'em and beat'em. :D

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