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Two new ones


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Hi guys,

I've got two new ones.


People tend to give me files, recently I got this neat one-sided Japanese file that was 1/16" thick. It went well with a tine I had laying around, which was fun to cut in half. Padauk and copper fittings. I thought I liked the rough, acid etched look on this one, but I should repolish.



This blade is probably the finest patternwelded blade I've done yet (excluding the work I did in Owen Bush's class) - san mai of low layer twist 15n20 and 5160 shell, with 756ish layer 15n20 and 1080 core. Partial tang - the first two pins go through it. Guard is forge-welded bike chain with the ends still unforged. Purpleheart with brass and mosaic pins. My maker's mark is tucked behind the guard. As always, my fighter's are thick. I think I like drop point fighter's a little more, although this shape is much more aggressive.



I left my linseed oil back in the city, so I just wet the handle for the pics.


My fit and finish still needs work, I think maybe I'm too focused on rushing towards advanced forging. In fact, recently I had to refund a deposit on a san-mai double-bladed barlow folding knife because I was not satisfied with the result (simply was not up to par). Now I am stuck not knowing if I should drop folding knives as part of my arsenal, or spend my personal-projects time on practicing folding knives.


Comments and critique welcomed,


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