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J W Bennett

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I have been storing my 10'-12' lengths of stock by standing them up between the wall posts of my shop with large 3/8" spikes seperating the sizes and such. This worked for a while but I am getting to the point I need something else.
I want to keep it in the shop out of the way but I had thought of large PVC pipe with caps on the ends to keep it dry and making a rack right outside the big shop door or possibly the same set up tucked behing the blasting cabinet inside the shop with no cap on one end.Has anyone tried this and does it work alright.
My walls are pretty well full, I even thought of running a couple of braces from front to back on each of the legs under my wooden bench that runs 24' on the north side of the shop. I was looking under there and except for cobwebs theres nothing in the first 10" or so.
Any ideas or pictures would be appreciated.


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