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I Forge Iron

Beginner from the Midwest


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Howdy folks,


We don't really say that up here, but it seems like a pretty solid greeting. 


I've been interested in metalworking for as long as I can remember, but I've never had the time or push to get started.  We recently bought a house up in Central Minnesota, and now seems like as good of time as any.  We've got a small child (20 months) and a dog. 


I've been gathering up pieces of things to try and see if I can get a working forge build here on the property.  One of the major stumbling blocks that I'm running into is that we live in town.  That might be an issue with the noise to the neighbors, but mostly I'm worried about how much smoke a solid fuel forge is going to produce.  I'd rather not be smoking the neighbors out, if I can help it. 


Once I get that figured out, I'm going to have to figure out if I want to make an outdoor forge, or try and take over the garden shed.


Anyhow, very helpful forum ya'll got here.


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Welcome and I do say Howdy here in 'bama.  I live in a niegborhood and don't have much of a problem.  If you burn charcoal or coke you'll get no more smoke than a bar-b-que grill.  Coal will smoke at first then clear up and burn like the other.  The best forge for you will be a gas forge.  You can make them or buy one made.

For the anvil I can recomend a Fisher.  These anvils are very good but don't have a ring like the old wrought iron and cast steel ones.  Even then my niegbors thought I was making cabnets or something, not smithing and that was with my RR track anvil that does have a ring.

Take a look at the stickies and post pics of your work.  Good luck.

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