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Another "Watzit?"


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No fair Jr. You know where I worked. LOL. It was actually an experiment. This piece and the rest came from a round plate eight feet in diameter, four inches thick. The ring of slugs had to be cut down to manageable pieces. The experiment remained just that due to too much handling of scrap. Mlmartin15, not plaz, gas flame torch.


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martin, It was actually cut by the older of 3 CNC machines I ran. It was a Linde which is no longer in biz. The other 2 were ESABs. Not sure of the cost of the Linde but I was told the ESABs were close to a mil each which included the on board computer. But as old as it was, the Linde still cut smoother than the newer ones. The Linde and one of the ESABs both have 10 Oxy/Acetylene torches. The other ESAB was in fact a plasma machine that cut over a water table where the steel was submerged. It only had a capacity of 3/4" thickness. I'm not sure what the cap was on the gas machines but we cut up to 6" plate. Any piercing done on plate over 3" required pre-pierce holes (small holes, usually 3/4" dia cut through b4 full sized hole, usually 2" or larger). 4" and up we drilled pilot holes

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