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so, last weekend i went to a blacksmithing mini seminar that was held during the nordic championship in blacksmithing, and there i made a few pieces of jewelry, the spike necklace was originally supposed to be an arrowhead but that didn't exactly work out, i think i may have forgotten some important part about making the socket, so i decided just to make a necklace out of it, the first thor's hammer i made at my first forge at home, had shitty coal, kinda lost it in the fire for a second, melted the surface, but i liked the rough texture of it, so i decided to call it finished, took it home, wrapped a piece of copper tubing around the tip and wore it for a few months, the smaller ring i made in my newer forge, it was orginally supposed to be a serpent necklace, but a few failures turned it into a ring that's too small for me, but it looks nice though, then i made the other necklace, the serpent one, im not sure if that's the correct name, or if it even has a name, but that's what i call it.

the second hammer, i made that one in the local smithy, basically a place for blacksmiths to meet up, make some stuff and socialize, trade tips and yea, work together on projects, i blackened that one with tar, the other pieces have no treatment other than the spiral ring and the spike, i just took them to the wire wheel to get that shiny look, i think i'll keep the pieces like that, the colour of the firescale appeals to me, maybe i'll put some linseed oil on it though.


The spiral ring is just a prototype, im going to remake it out of brass for a friend of mine and maybe put a red garnet in the spiral.





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I'll gladly share what i remember at the moment about blacksmithing in Iceland, there really isn't that much of it here, I think there are only two active smithies, one in my hometown, Akranes, that was just finished a few weeks ago and another one in Þingeyri.

The Facebook group is only somewhat 200 members, but I think most of them are just hobbyist and Im sure there are more icelandic blacksmiths that aren't in that group, I only know of two professional blacksmiths here in Iceland, and one is a tourist actually

but we're a growing community, I think i heard something about someone in Reykjavík asking about a hand-forged gate for their house, so if that goes through, we might see a rise in both blacksmiths and requests


the championship was a three day event, there was a competition in three classes, beginners, advanced and masters i think, the objective was a freestyle chair, I don't remember who won the beginner and advanced, but the winner in the masters was Therese Engdahl from Sweden and that was the second time she won in a row i think

there also was a 3 man team challenge, make a large nail out of what i estimate was a 4 inch thick round stock didn't see how long it was though, I think it ended up in around 20+ inches, if i see the nails somewhere, i'll take pictures of them

there also were a few other blacksmiths just showing their skills, like locksmiths and a potsmith, if that is a legit term.

the fascinating part about the locksmiths was that the forge they were using was just a tiny 6x6 inch circle of stones and two small bellows

there were also a few lectures on viking age blacksmithing and things related to that, and of course the mini seminar that I mentioned in the post.

i hope this information was what you were looking for and i wish you good luck on the hammer pendants.

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