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Changing design to blown burner


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Hello all,


I am new and in the process of building my first forge.  After doing lots of reading I have come up with the following design.  12" length of 10" diameter pipe lined with 2" of Kaowool and coated with ITC 100.  The forge will have doors on the front and back and the front door will have a 4X4 opening in it.  My original design was to have a piece of 1 1/2" pipe welded tangentially near the top of the pipe to hold a T Rex or Zoeller burner.  I am sitting at just under 350 cu in. so this seemed like an appropriate size.


Today a friend gave me a 70 CFM blower and suggested that I do a blown burner instead.  I have read a number of posts regarding the pros and cons of each type and think that I would like to go this route instead.  My questions are:


1)  Is my design still a good size for blown burner versus a venturi burner?


2)  I see lots of venturi burner designs, but am having some trouble finding detailed designs for blown burners.  I have seen Indian's George's design and also thought about buying a blown burner from High Temp Tools.  I have also seen Jymm Hoffman's design in the thread below but was looking for a bit more detail on how to build it?  Can someone point me to a good detailed design for a beginner?


3)  Will the 1 1/2" burner holder i was going to add for the venturi burner still work with a blown burner?  I was going to work on that part tomorrow and am now wondering if I need to wait and do something else.


I have searched for answers to these questions but cannot seem to find them.  Any info and help is greatly appreciated.  

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Yes, that size is OK. Blown burners aren't nearly as complicated as venturi burners. Just gas and air and someway to control the relative amounts of each. I use a butterfly type valve on my air and a regulator on my propane tank. The burner is made out of 1 1/2" black pipe with the propane in a 1/4" copper pipe through a hole drilled in the 1 1/2". Make sure the regulator can give you enough volume. You might want to add something at the end of your burner to introduce some turbulence.

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