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Noob from Northitaly


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Hello, as a beginner I would like to use this opportunity and present me briefly. I live in the North of Italy, which explains partially my bad English knowledge. But I hope to be able to improve here also these.
Knifes are for me primarily tools. I always carry one with me and I have a strange feeling without one. But I think You would now that feeling to.
As a beginner I don't think to be able to post a lot in the next time. There is a huge amount of knowledge (big compliments) to be read first.
However here a small overview on my abilities relating to knife making crafts:

2 Knifes 1.2842 or O2

Completed Knifes:

and a example of a Sheath

My first steps into forging knifes:

over all: 26 cm
handle: 11 cm
thickness of blade: starting from 8 mm to 0 mm
blade hight: 3,7 cm
weight: 304 gr

and a tryal to get a hamon on a C105 blade:

the hole blade

The Knife is not finished yet, but in a few Weeks ...

Greetings Rasp





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Rasp; I also welcome you to IFI.
YUP! You are a knife maker alright! Your knives look good.
I learned to love the knife makers here at IFI. Knife makers seem to keep things colorful and moving along.
I am grateful to IFI who provides a vehicle of communications for blacksmiths who live all around the world.
It still amazes me that with one stroke of the computer keyboard that my thoughts are sent to someone who lives in a place North of Italy. I am glad you are my new blacksmith neighbor.
Be safe!
Old Rusty Ted

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