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Drop in die reciever

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Even I have to admit that bolting on dies in every situation is a pain in the butt, so at least where bottom dies are concerened it makes far more sense in most situations to have em just pop in n' out of a hardie hole type reciever which is what I opted for....I reckon I'll only use the set screw mostly for sloped dies that will want to squirt out unlike flat ones or kiss blocks that aren't so susceptible to lateral forces....I cut the main piece out of some 7'' x 4'' x 1/2'' angle which helped reduce fab time then welded the reciever to accept 1'' sq with ample clearance. It's similar in function to the one Becky Little demos at the Phoenix Hammer website.




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Greetings Macbruce,


SLICK.....  I use a similar system but I fold over a 1/4 X 1 in a hoop and use a wedge on the underside... No set screw...  Try it youl like it...


Forge on   JIm

Did you show yours on another thread?....The ''system'' that is.....hehe

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Nope never took pictures...   Same like yours but with a wedge...   I use this system on many anvil tools .   One that's super handy is one mounted to a monkey wrench for making collars and tight square bends...  Its like a square bending fork with adjustment...  



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