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What are the advantages of the new style Kinyon over the old? I have read several articles and several build threads including John Emmerling’s head redesign. From what I have been able to glean the new style uses a smaller cylinder, less air, and need less head room. While those are all good that does not necessarily make it a better hammer than the old style. What is not quite apparent is if the hammer hit any harder, has better control, or is easier to adjust and maintain. All input is welcome.

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In all my years of smithing, the first "power hammer " I ever used was Ron Kinyon's design. I was working on a similar type, only using hydraulics, when I saw it with air..I was sold. I've made three, being "old school " I only use it for my version of production work ( gotta make 100 ), or for a direct hit on a single item ( a tumbler lock for a safe ). Mr. Kinyon's design is well thought out, by the way its the early model....an easy build with modifications available on line, which i never had a need for.

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