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Made a scooped adze this weekend. The body is mild steel that was punched and drifted on the diamond. It has a 1084 bit welded in and is ground on the outside. Im not sure how the handle is going to hold up. It came out this way by mistake but is extremly comfortable. Time will tell. It has not been wedged yet, or sharpened.

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I got it sharpened and honed today at work and gave it it's first test run..... extremely comfortable and balanced. However it took me a bit to get used to. Im not sure if I m a fan of scooped adzes that are sharpened on the outside. I'm going to play with the angle a bit and see if it makes a difference. I like my el cheepo store bought adze better. If changing the angle doesn't help I'm going to make another on the weekend and sharpen the inside edge. Its mostly forged but I did spend a good 20 minutes on a grinder and filing. Id like to make one entirely out of good steel rather than welding the bit in.

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