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first knives from back in the day


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(Forewarning: These were made back in my first try at bladesmithing 10 to 15 years ago I.E. Had no real clue what I was doing)


Did a little personal archeology at my folks house today. Found some of my old knives so I figured I'd share


th_2013-02-03123021_zps99355767.jpg  th_2013-02-03122953_zpsdb6d0e58.jpg


unknown steel

stock removal to shape the blade

copper pin

whitetail handle




corn knife (found in the rafters of the shed)

replaced the handle not sure what the wood is


th_2013-02-03122811_zpsaff4bdd0.jpg  th_2013-02-03122759_zps27c222d0.jpg


commercial knifes 

I rebuilt the handles

mystery wood again, red heart ceder & double twisted silver-coated wire

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