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Big Texas Events

Jerry W.

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For those that will be in the neighborhood, Balcones Forge will be having two big events.  The first will be on Feb. 16th in Bryan, Texas at Steephollow Forge Works.  This is at the shop of Alan, Jeff and Carlton Lee (Lee Brothers).  This is a joint meeting with Houston Area Blacksmith Association and, this year the North Texas Blacksmith Association will join us.  We will not have a trade item for this event, we will have a competition item.  We will be making spurs.  This has been a great event in the past and I expect this year it will be even better.  It is quite a drive for me, but well worth the trip.


On the weekend of March 22-24, Balcones Forge will be meeting at the Sycamore Creek Ranch.  This is at the shop of John Crochet which is located just out of Marble Falls, Texas.  Balcone Forge is having their annual Bluebonnet Demo.  This year as a demonstrator, we are having Mr. Mark Aspery.  This is going to be a very memorable event. 


If you have questions you can go to our website http://balconesforge.org/ or you can contact me, I would be happy to answer any questions.


We would be happy to see you there.



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Hey Jerry! Lookng forward to seeing you and others at the Lee Bros event in Bryan in a couple of weeks! 

Folks, this is an event that is a must see if you are anywhere close....I'm driving 4hrs myself and wouldn't miss it. Alan and Lee put on one of the best demonstrations that you would want to see and as an added bonus it is FREE!!  Donations for lunch and what you spend at the tailgate area and such are the only expenses. They rival any Assoc. Conference out there, yeah, it's close to "AggieLand" but that is really the only drawback.  ;)  Hope to see ya there! 

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