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Improvements to a Guillotine

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Since making my first guillotine others have introduced me into a better design,




Here is a fuller with 1/2 inch diameter dimensions.



This is a fuller of the 3/4 inch diameter style



a square shoulder fuller



heavy duty butcher style



Tenon rig that has not been perfected. The shoulders are too sharp, and perhaps the material too thin.


All of the items are attached onto the re-usable multi-tool via clevis bolts or regular 1/2 dia bolts. Are parts had been heated and normalized/ annealed in hydrated lime powder. All welds were made with TIG Welding


Hopefully they will serve me well or will be first thing up for Iron in the Hat at the forge council meetings.


Constructive or critique comments are appreciated.



Carry on

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As you noted, the tenon jig is too sharp but sounds like you're planning to soften the holes.  I have found that a scissor design works to a degree and is better than nothing but the "blacksmith's guillotine" seems to work better in general practice because the dies always stay parallel.  Your scissor can be adjusted for height but will only be parallel in one place as you forge.  Some folks swear by them and others swear at them - it's probably a personal choice.

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