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Metal forming

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Hi there,

              I`m in Australia and would like to get into Metal forming. Primarily at the stage I would like to focus on alloy motorcycle tanks, mudguards and side covers. Problem being it`s a bit of a lost art in this neck of the woods so I was wondering if anyone out there has any ideas on good places to purchase equipment over here. Such as English wheels, power hammers and the like. Also any educational workshops and or litrature someone could recomend on the subject or even people in Victoria Australia I could contact and get a few tips. I have a metal working background as I am a Fitter and turner by trade. I am a fair welder and have done some very basic metal forming. I`ve found a bit of stuff on the net but a recomendation always beats a website I reckon. 

I have read in one thread here of Glen Mooney who sells power hammers over here but a little unsure as to how to contact him. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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hey lumpy... sounds like your wanting to do sheet metal work... its alot like armoring..... so alot of the info you can find on armoring will help you....sense you have other metalcrafting skills already making your own tools and tooling should be a snap( for basic sheet work i use a tree stump and a ballpeened hammer).... good luck to ya !

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