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First Successful Hamon

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I was finally successful in creating a hamon!
W2 file normalized, annealed, shaped, then my attempt at hamon clay, light oil quench, and 390 degree temper.
The process was first all tested with pieces of an similar file. I found water quench yielded cracks, so I went over to oil. Here's a few pics of testing, drying clay, and post tests next to right outta the oil.
Since it's to be used in a kitchen I went ahead and gave it an acid bath; plus I just like the way it makes the hamon pop.
What do you guys think?

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Good start and interesting effect.

Ive been bitten by the hamon bug as well and have been doing a ton of research on the stuff. One thing I would suggest is raise the thick portion of the clay a little higher and thin it out some. Probably only needs to be around 1/8" thick, also thin out some and do a little transition area of thinner stuff. Worth a shot. Im still playing with it all as well. They are fun, never quiet know what your gonna get.

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