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Video problem on website


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This is a computer problem so I'm asking any of our gurus for help.

I have had a website for a couple of years and decided to put a short forging video on it for public view. Here is the link:

Our Blacksmith Shop : comalforge.com
(go to the bottom of the page)

However, I could not view it after posting it to the Web from my home PC (even though it worked in the browser preview before I uploaded it). The video was filmed on my wife's Kodak, which is supposedly a QuickTime format and has a *.mov suffix. I asked Ed Thomas to review it and he had some trouble with access - although he did eventually get it to run. This also took about 2 hours to upload over a dialup modem so I assume it's simply a very large file.

Many people still have dialup modems so I want to make this video easily accessed by the majority of people who might want to view it. Does anyone have suggestions on a different format or some method of compression to speed things up? Would something besides a *.mov be a better format for general consumption?

Thanks, Hollis

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Mr. Wooldridge, Thank you for recognising that there are an awful lot of us out here still on dial up. I live on a dirt road, one with very few houses so cable is not available. Video can be out of reach for us dialers. Perhaps another option would be if you can burn cd's, to make copies available at cost through USPS. A lot of trouble it seems but at least you could accomodate your friends in this way. Just a thought.
P.S. Perhaps homespun cd's of BP's and demos could be offered in the IFI store? Dan:)

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