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TANNER( nine year old) and I stopped at the shop on the way back to the house, from doing the chores. We got to fooling with a horse shoe. In thirty five minutes, we made a hoof-pick and a small knife. Used one shoe and had a lot of fun together. He had to have a little help with the pulling of the point out on the blade and the grinding of the blade. It still needs to be sharpened. We have not had much time together for a while and it was real pleasing to have him want to do something.


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Sandpile: Good for you -- time with Tanner.
At a Saltfork Craftsmen ABA meeting a few years ago, we gave out horseshoes and ask everyone there to make something. Out of about 10 folks on hand, over 20 different items were made from used horseshoes -- my favorite scrap.
Jim C.

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The Grandsons have been making knives and pig-tail steak flippers from shoes. The shorts from the knives have been piling up.

We /I have been showing them different things to make from these shorts.
The hoof-picks and small letter openers, are now piling up.

One of them needed a barn door latch. He drew out a long point and hot cut it. Made two long stiples, and finished the door hook, hot punched a hole in the other end. He was not any prouder of him self than I was :wink:

They do all of this, while laughing and making fun of each other. I hope they have good memories of the times they spent in PA-PA'S shop.


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