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Johanssen/Clausing/Atlas mill?

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I know or think I remember a couple folks on here have one of these. Looking to pick one up and wondering about opinions on them. All the talk about mini mills got me wanting a mill again and this one came up. it has a riser block VERY proffessionally added to it, and the current owner who is highly skilled machinist is redoing the headstock bearings. It is Morse taper #2 collets, which can be found imported no problem.

It looks like the absolute perfect size (and the last machine I think I can fit in my shop). it will become a guard slotting beast!

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Sam, I have a Bridgeport mill and a Clausing lathe (and an older Jet lathe). If the current owner is a machinist, it's a decent bet the mill is in good shape and worth the price. He will also likely want you to be happy with the purchase and will take extra care on the rebuild. It's also probably single phase - I'd say 'go for it'...

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Thanks Hollis, it's a transition machine, it has Johanssen cast on it, then Clausing Atlas badges on it, Clausing/Atlas bought Johanssen. It has no motor which is fine because I have many. The current owner is a very good friend of mine also. Here is a photo of a restored one:


they are small which is perfect, most mills today are either the tiny benchtop ones or a bridgeport size, this one is in between and should be perfect for what I want to do with it.

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