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Weekend Demo/Camp

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Had a Demo and camp this past weekend. There were over 500 boyscouts plus scout leaders at the camp. I was joined in the forge area by Josh Tulak. Josh has only been smithing for about 6 months and he did a GREAT job. He made a variety of items and even sold a few things. I know that we were very busy from about 8 am on Saturday, until after 5 pm. It was a long day, with that many kids firing questions at us. We had a lot of fun and got to spend some great time at the forge and then some relax time by the campfire in the evenings. Here's a few pics of the crowd at our forges.

post-1549-0-83065900-1337550818_thumb.jp post-1549-0-90447600-1337550839_thumb.jp post-1549-0-95384100-1337550868_thumb.jp post-1549-0-34051200-1337550891_thumb.jp

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George i had an awesome time and i really want to thank you and the misses for the words of encouragement. I had a blast and i love the fact that i can now do a fagget weld (well sort of:) )

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