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Well, almost.........This is my 15hp Frankenpressor I've been working on for..........14years maybe and no, it' not for sale. So don't ask...
To the left it's a Dayton 5hp pump with a Baldor mtr on a Quincy mount, to the right a Kellog pump with a 10hp 1ph Marathon mtr and the 160gal tank, well.......at least I looked inside and made dang sure it was good before I used it. Which is the one of the reasons (besides needing to save space) that the Kellog needed to pal up with the Dayton.......It all started when I bought the Kellog ,which LOOKED great when I bought it used but it had been siting in storage for years with water in it.......The tank was toast. I bought another great looking tank at the junk yard.......Brain Fade. Now I know why nice looking tanks find their way to the junkyard. After putting up with and trying to patch my leaky 'new' tank for years I finally got around to plan....D? Who's counting......... :lol:



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Makes my Frankenpressor look tiny! I took an older Sears Craftsman pump with separate 1 horse motor and cut the plate off the old compressor tank. I then bolted the plate to the top of a Cambell Hausfield 30 gallon vertical tank. If I could only figure out why the fitting into the tank keeps leaking and blowing sealant out of the threads I would use it more, but it works good when I need more air than my pancake puts out (sanders and grinders).

At least I knew the Craftsman had a problem when I bought it, and I paid less than scrap for it! ($5) The CH tank set me back $40 (used), and was clean inside, fittings, check valve, pressure switch....I am still a little ahead of the game at least and had fun at it.


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