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Question from a new guy

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howdy , im new to the site ,and really interested in starting to make knives . My question ( the first of many i am sure ) is what would you guys reccomend for someone just starting out to use for the hardening portion of making knives ? I have a recipie of what kind of metal to use and how to do it , i am just not sure what route to go to get there . I have been looking into building a small gas forge however to build one to do a good sized hunting knife is almost as much to just buy one . At this point im not to worried about getting to welding temperatures , as for now im not looking to forge weld anything . I figure when i am ready for that i will be ready to build a bigger better forge . Ofcourse as im sure everyone is now days im on a small budget for this hobby . I would greatly appreciate any advice .


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I would recommend to someone just starting out and asking about the hardening process to read the stickies

A solid fuel (coal or real wood charcoal) can be dirt cheap to build. Any hole in the ground to hold the fire with an air source can work as a forge. Of course where you are may preclude a solid fuel forge.


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