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The shoemaker's children go barefoot...


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...or no new knife for James.

This one actually started out as a quick demonstration piece to show my homebrewed 100 lb. ram power hammer Gunnhilda in action for an as-yet-to-be-edited-and-uploaded Youtube video. I grabbed a chunk of 5160 steel that was only 3 1/2" long by 3/4" round and by the time I finished forging, had a nice little EDC with a 4 1/2" blade, a full-length tang (the paracord anchors through a 1/2" hole at the end of the tang), and a spine that was 3/16" thick at the base of the blade, tapering distally to the point. So, a very handy everyday carry size that was plenty stout.

I decided to finish it out using my new paracord wrap and replace my old EDC fixed blade that I made several years ago. I chose neon orange and black because I really dig the combination. My Mama says orange is a crazy person's color. :D


Of course, you need a sheath to carry a fixed blade on a daily basis, and I go busy on other stuff and it never got one made. I put it up on the table at some gun shows with the thought that if it sold I could make myself another one. I kept it in the wooden box that the rest of my Blade Show inventory is in and whenever I would show someone what blades I have on hand, they would of course see it with everything else.

Yesterday was the last night of the simple knifemaking class I was teaching in conjunction with the Southwest School of Art here in San Antonio. A student asked if he could look through the inventory, picked it out, and asked if I would mind losing it from my Blade Show inventory. I was agreeable and he now has it in his possession.

So sometime after the Blade Show is over, I need to make myself a new EDC and then make a blasted sheath for it!

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