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25 lb little Giant rebuild continued

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Well the hammer arrived at my shop last Friday. It has had the sow block done and new "T" bolts forged and a few other repairs done by Peacock. Now it is time to start the cleanup and assembly. I am going to try and get it completed for BAM's anual conference in May.
I have taken some pictures of the process of stripping and repainting.post-24703-0-84336000-1332111121_thumb.j






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Okay spent some time working on the hammer this weekend and have made some progress and had a minor setback.Setback first. I cleaned all the petrified grease out of the clutch housing and put the motor on it and when we spun the hammer over the clutch assy wobbled up and down about .045.evidently when it laid upside down in the ditch or wherever it was to accumulate all that crud the clutch was pressed hard into the babbit and deformed it. before it was cleaned out it seemed okay but after cleaning the problem was found. I did get the motor mount built and the ram and guide re-installed. I have started on the brake mounting and will try to get more next weekend. I should have some more pics by then if I can figure out how to post them into an existing thread.

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Clutch installed and .015 shim put under the key to hold it tight. Test ran without dies and seems good barring adjustment. Got the treadle made and the drop link done. I will do the springs in the morning and hopefully heat treat the dies tomorrow also. Then it will be testing time.
I am going to try double springs one on each side to help keep the treadle level, don' know how that will work out. I hope to have pics tomorrow evening of the finished hammer.

oh yeah serial no is 2366

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Okay so the hammer is finally together for any of you who may still be wondering. I have everything done but one key the key for the top die. Ran out of day. It runs sweet and I think looks pretty good. Tomorrow morning I will do the last key and fire up a forge to test it. I have more pictures of some of the details if anyone is interested just ask.

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Got the last key made, found something interesting when I was doing it. This hammer has a taper in the ram dovetail. I know it is not supposed to but it does about .004 to .006. I had to remove the ram and re-install it backwards so that the taper matches the key side of the die. There is still plenty of clearance to the flywheel at teh rear ram guide so it will run this way. I forged a few pieces today and it ran well. Some minor adjustments but I am not going to worry too much until I put some time on the rebuild to let it settle in. I did forge a piece of 13/16" S5 on it and it did an outstanding job.

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