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It seems like every one of the two dozen or so blacksmithing books I've got have pix of scarfs. The basic concept of most is that the two surfaces are somewhat convex. I think this is to help "squirt" the flux and scale out when you strike the joint. The top piece (however they're placed on the anvil for the initial welding) could be a little bit narrower than the bottom piece since it's going to flatten a little bit more than the bottom piece too. Sometimes there's a bit of a shoulder forged into the scarf also to provide a mechanical stop to help locate the two pieces together in the right spot when you come out at a welding heat and can't see the joint so clearly.

My .02$, and worth every penny you paid :-)

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Ive been doing a little forge welding and thought I might try making chain for practice out of 3/8 rd. bar.

I guess Im confussed about how long to make the scarfs & how much upset I need .
Like you say some Ive seen are like S shaped shoulder.Other things Ive read is to cut like barbs on the scarf with corner of the hardy.


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Chain does not need an upset. This is really hard to describe - maybe someone can post a pic - but you make sort of a dog ear at a 45 degree angle on each end so they cross when the link is bent double. When the weld is made, the dog ears fuse into the thicker area on the opposing piece (because they are thin). The link is finished on the horn and the next one made. Hand welded links are relatively long compared to modern induction welded links.

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Making a Chain :Farm Blacksmithing

full chapter on chain, I was tought to make 2 links and connect with the third, then connect two of the 3 links with a single link and two 7 links with another and so on. Two large nails set in the anvil stump can be used to support the section of chains that have not been joined. Do not quench, normalize and to test a link set it in vise cold and give it a half twist with a cheater bar.
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I made a set of tongs to hold the chain today ,not sure how the chain tongs were made but seem like they will work.
Farm Blacksmithing had some good stuff on chain making
Hand Forging Wrought good stuff on scarfing.
I unerstand the dog ear now .

Ill go at it see If I can learn it

Thanks Guys

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That is a Great Demo
Lucian Avery does make it look easy
& I thought I knew how to make a scroll
Great Demos I wish they could be put in the Gallery
Thanks Ron
Oh yea my tongs I made are sorry for chain
gota make a better pair after I find a pair to look at.

Ive gotten 3 links made and together - looks like this might get fun

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