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OK, I'll bite.

4 pieces of 1/2 inch round (I am assuming the hardy on your anvil is 1 inch but that is just scale) 1 piece of flux coated brass brazing rod. Bind the 5 pieces into a bundle, with the brass on the inside. Twist cold (I know, easier said than done, but you have a twister if I recall) Once you get the twist pop it in the forge and bring it slowly up to the brazing temperature of your brass. then let cool.

Take it to your band saw and slice it neatly. I bet you have a V-block jig or something to make it easy.

Am I close?


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Then it is entirely brass colored, the color is odd on my computer, I thought it was brushed steel finish.

You can twist it hot and braze from the outside if it gets a brass finish.

Or dip in liquid brass?


Silicon bronze was used to braze it but it wasn't dipped.....the surface shows both bronze and steel (mostly bronze)and it was twisted cold......
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Back in the day when silicon bronze was fairly reasonable I got a job in Telluride Co for a railing that had over 15k worth of bronze in it.....huge back in 1991 or so. Anyway there was alot of sawing involved and the pile of bronze finds under the saw got to where I filled a large coffee can with the stuff, worth saving I spose, but for what?..............Went on to some work that involved cold twisting steel balusters and looked at the can and had a ''what if'' moment.......The short story is; I mixed the finds with borax, took a piece of twisted stock and heated it in the gas forge, sprinkled the mix onto the bar when it got hot enough to cling to the surface then back in the forge for a full heat.........hmm, but will it hold? Made a special jig to hold the stock in the roll-in saw so I could cut 8'' at a wack then advance to cut another, then another......It's pretty durable but it can't be curved. It can be straightened a little but that needs to be done before it's cut......The piece shown had alot of the mix slopped on, the effect is more subtle if you use less.....

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