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Hi all,
I'm Ryan living outside Chapel Hill, North Carolina and I'm fairly new to this whole metal smashin' thing.
So far out in my spacious (not) well-house out back I have a small two burner propane forge (30 gallon freon tank on it's side) , 110# cast steel anvil, a bunch of hard and soft fire bricks, an assortment of old blacksmith hammers I got on Ebay, and a 4 x 36 Ryobi Bench Mount Belt Sander, 1/3 hp, an assortment of belts...and not enough ventilation!
I've been primarily working on knives made out of straigthened coil springs, RR spikes and asst steel scraps. Most recently I have been trying to forge weld short lengths of wound steel rope, to a moderate degree of success.
I have the bug tho, and am interested in learning a variety of metal working skills. I'd like to learn joining techniques especially to make small creations. I don't know how to weld a lick, so i have that ahead of me to I'm thinking.
I guess thats about it for now...nice to meet you :D

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Howdy form EAST TEXAS! and welcome to IFI. DANG, are you really 28801yrs old?!?! :) Sounds like you are enjoying yourself. This is the place to be to ask those questions. Shoot if someone here doesn't know the answer we'll just make up something ;) Check out ABANA's web site to locate a chapter near you and attend the meetings. You will get some great help there and the 'hands on' is priceless. Shoot, North Carolina is crawling with blacksmiths! Welcome aboard and enjoy!

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