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Spartan Travel Trailer Restoration


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The 1951 model travel trailer that my wife recently acquired has turned out to be needful of quite a few custom forged parts and pieces. I have decided to get them all in this thread like a sort of project blog. I previously posted a pic of the handle set I made for it but now I have added a grab bar to help with the entry mounting. I also made a reinforcing bracket to stabilize the toilet flange and a carefully fitted hanger hook for the sewer line outlet pipe. I plan to make a mounting bracket for the microwave so that it can be permanently installed on a counter top and an exterior lock system for the entry doors. I'd like to make a handmade padlock set for it. The rear door will also need a new handle set as it is broken and unused at this time. So there is a lot to do and I am amazed at the number of fixes that seem to need smithing skills! How could I have managed without my forge?! Pics here!

I drilled tapped and installed 5/16" machine screws to hold the toilet flange in exact position on the reinforcing bracket after screwing the bracket to the floor... the floor is in pretty good shape except that right around the flange it was soft so I was able to use the solid areas to support the whole works by adding this bracket made of 1/4" X 1 1/2" steel. It lifted the toilet about 1/4" above floor level but I just shimmed it temporarily and caulked with silicone to fill the gap. After the silicone had set I pulled the shims and filled in with more silicone. This could be a good fix in houses too. I'd usually prefer to repair the floor but in this case the floor is clad with galvanized sheet metal so that the whole bath area can become a shower stall and thus it would have been quite a project to replace any of the wood. Besides that the trailer was needed for use as a traveling home for my wife who is working temporary assignments in various locales and there was little time to get it serviceable. Well, check in here as I add to the list of forged hardware for this project and give me any ideas or inspirations that occur to you. Feel free to borrow any of my ideas that look useful to you also.

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You are very welcome! I spent many years becoming expert at finishing and I am pleased to share what I can with those who are interested enough to pay attention! Your specific products available where you are, are likely different than the ones I use, but I will be glad to advise you on potential choices if you become bewildered by the choices that you have. Just message me or ask in your thread.

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