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Forging low-fuming bronze welding rod?


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I had some time to kill last week, so I ducked into my local welding shop and picked up a few rods of 1/8" low fuming bronze rods. Long term, I want to use the rods as stock for knife handle pins, but I had the notion that I could forge some little hearts out of bronze.

First I experimented with working it hot. It crumbled. Then I experimented with working it cold - it shattered. I tried annealing it (heat with torch and quench in water) - not much better results.

What the heck am I doing wrong?

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You probably went to Roberts. My students have this problem with them also. That is why I stressed Low Fuming. The number on the packaging should have a LFB designation.

Yes, Roberts is my go-to place, although they seem to categorize me as a low-life, as I'm not using their products for welding. The low-fuming bronze I bought at Roberts was miserable - I'll use if for brazing (which is what it's made for) but it's no good for forging. Silicon bronze, that's another question.

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