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  1. If I must take a half step back in my fantasy pick then I find it hard to choose between Albert Paley and Tom Joyce. Chris Ray passed but at least he was able to leave some excellent tutorials behind. http://www.chrisray.com
  2. Try Aufhauser Corp. 800-645-9468. Last time I ordered, about this time of year in 09, I paid $6.00 a lb. . You have to order at least 50 lbs of each size you want. If you just need a small amount to try e-mail me and I will send you some, you are close to where I live. I have many sizes above the 1/8. Too many to list so I will just jump to the upper end 1/4 - 5/16 - 3/8. Doug artisans@spruceforest.org If you order from Aufhauser you need to tell them you want the Low Fuming Bare Bronze Brazing Rod. They make many different types, some of them will crumble when you hit it at low red heat. Or you are welcome to drive a couple hours west and come to my shop. I will give you a few pointers and you can pick up the rod.
  3. All of the solder joints I have tried it will. I don't remember if it plates nickel. I am talking about a very light coating that is easily abraded. I knew some stained glass workers who mixed some iron oxide in with the copper sulfate solution they used to "color" their solder joints.
  4. Don't put Ferous metal in a Sodium Bi-sulfate solution that you plan to use for brass, bronze or copper. Use copper or brass tongs to remove piece from the solution. Iron will "spoil" the solution for all non ferous metals. What it will do is plate copper and iron oxides on the surface of the non ferous metal. All your yellow or white metal will come out looking like copper.
  5. You probably went to Roberts. My students have this problem with them also. That is why I stressed Low Fuming. The number on the packaging should have a LFB designation.
  6. I work primarily in Brass, Bronze and Copper, making jewelry and sculpture. The best alloy for my work is Low Fuming Bronze Brazing Rod. Your local welding probably has some you can try, but it must be the Low Fuming type. Try some bare rod not the flux coated. This alloy is low in copper, so tarnishes very slow (about 1/4 the rate of sterling silver). I order in large quantity from one of the manufactures like Aufhauser, who sells in minimum 50 lbs per diam. It is a bit more expensive than the others recommended here but worth it, especially for wearable items and small casting. Use a Boric Acid base flux not a Borax base. I buy the Roach Powder stuff at the Dollar Stores and mix it with water in a tall Olive jar till pancake batter consistency and dip the rod in it for a light flux coating when gas welding.
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