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first antler knife handle


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i had a friend stop by with a shed he had found while out in his sugarbush getting set up to start tapping
anyway he asked if i could make him a simple knife out of part of it
i am not a knife maker but i had some time today and as there are 4points on the antler i thought what the heck i got some room to experiment here
this is my first shot at it
the blade is made from part of a old file forged to shape with minimal sanding i did a oil quench at a hair over non magnetic and then tempered for 3 hours at 410*F until the blade had turned a deep straw color
the guard on the blade was a piece of scrap aluminum i had kicking around
and was drilled and filed to be a tight hammered fit over the tang? of the blade and then epoxied into the the handle (note to self do not do a burn fit for the handle in side again) i chased myself right out of the shop with that smell
anyway i am just stalling here it is and if i did this wrong let me know there are still three more points i can work with lol



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yeah that was my thought but since i was giving it away i was more just trying to stick in a bit of a double check to if i should have done something different to the antler
anyways i ended up giving it several coats of lemon oil to help keep it from drying out
so it will sit on a shelf until the next time he is in town and stops by
and thanks for the feedback FOG :)

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