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A good way to spend a Saturday

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I work with the volunteer living history group at Fort Loudoun State Park in Vonore, TN. It is a reconstructed French & Indian War fort (1756-1760). I normally run the forge on garrison weekends, so my son and I went down for a little off-weekend house keeping.

First thing, I got to cut the shipping bands and do a little dressing on my brand new Jymm Hoffman colonial anvil (well, it actually belongs to the State, but I'm going to be using it). Just a little sanding here and there, and this thing is ready to use. I am looking forward to using it this coming Saturday. I think I'm really gonna like it. Thanks, Jymm.

Before we got that done, we had a visit from Vance Baker. He's done a lot of iron work for the Fort since it's restoration back in the 70's. He still teaches from time to time over at John C. Campbell. Good company make for a good day.

We spent the day setting a new post for the vise and then digging up, re-leveling, and re-tamping the anvil stump. Our new season begins Saturday; we should be ready to go. I'll try to remember the camera this weekend.


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