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New to Blacksmithing....

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Hi, as the title says, I am new to blacksmithing, and I am trying to find resources to learn more. I have already done a great deal of reading and research, but I am seriously thinking of starting my own shop in my home town of Vicksburg, MS. We have a guild that meets in Jackson, MS, and they meet once a month.

I am interested in blacksmithing, because I like the thought of connecting with my ancestors, and honoring those that have come before me. I would like to help carry on the tradition, and learn the teqniques of the tradition. I would also like to work with steel for the purposes of making traditional weapons and armor of reproduction quality for sale.

I look forward to learning from the community and perhaps one day passing on that knowledge to people like me who want to learn how to be a blacksmith.

Many thanks,

M. Thompson

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I was fortunate enough to talk to you this am. in the chat room.
I feel you’re on the right track toward getting a good start in blacksmithing.
You are fortunate that now day’s, information and help is readily available.
My suggestions toward you getting started:
You mentioned that “We have a guild that meets in Jackson, MS, and they meet once a month”. I am not clear about if you have attended a guild meeting yet. If you haven’t, I would not buy any tools or other equipment until you do.
The guild members will most likely point you in the right direction to get you started so you won’t waist time and money.
Based on what you have said, I suggest that you stay tuned to this web site, become familiar with all it has to offer while making plans to attend your Blacksmith Guild.
It was nice to chat with you. I hope you will follow your dream.
Be safe, be safe!

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