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Trackrock Hammer-in Spring Event 2012


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Here is the notice of the 20th (yes, 20th) Trackrock Hammer-in. There are two per year, spring and fall. Blairsville is in North GA, just under the NC border. Convenient for folks in SE TN, Western NC and NE SC.. as well as North Georgia. Come on and visit some fellow bladesmiths.

Trackrock Hammer-in Spring Event 2012

Date: Weekend of March 30 - April 1 Notice: Open to all & no admission fees

Location: Trackrock Campground, Blairsville, GA


Activities: Bladesmithing, Hawk forging, Leather Crafting, Forge Building, Anything Knife Related

Who: Anyone interested in knives, knife making, hawks, leather work, collecting, trading, etc. Watch, meet and talk with several talented bladesmiths, master leather craftsmen, collectors, etc.
See old discarded steel, scrap metal, wood and bone transformed into functional works of art.

General: Craftsmen from several states, finished knives on display, collections on display, etc.
Family oriented event, Behave! No unsafe or reckless behavior will be tolerated.

Saturday BBQ: Saturday lunch is catered on site at cost. You must RSVP to partake in this lunch.

Drop dead date to RSVP for the BBQ lunch is March 20th.

Additional: “Iron in the Hat” event Saturday to help fund event. Please bring usable item for this event. A chance to pick up valuable plunder - knifemaking materials, parts and pieces. Strictly voluntary, participation encouraged.

Knife Raffle: We are currently working on two separate custom knives to be raffled off at the next couple of Trackrock Hammer-in events. Funds will go toward the purchase of major equipment to be used at future events. One knife will be a collaboration piece by Wayne Hensley and myself, the other a collaboration piece by Rick Lowe and Will Dutton.

Accommodations: Full hook-up & primitive camping available (check web site), Trackrock is an excellent campground and very well maintained. Several motels near: Blairsville and Young Harris. Contact Trackrock Campground for further information at above website.

Please contact me if you wish to participate, or need further information about the event.
Email: crex68@yahoo.com

Carl Rechsteiner, Bladesmith
Georgia Custom Knifemakers Guild, Charter Member
Registered Master Artist - GA Council for the Arts
C Rex Custom Knives

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