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Timothy Miller

Hammer making class with Nathan Robertson at my forge.

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On Jan 14 at my shop In Bayport NY Nathan Robertson taught a hammer making class. We had six students total. I have forged about 50 or so hammers in my 19 years as a blacksmith but I had always felt my method was a bit crude. I was not expecting such a well prepared teacher. He came with all of the tools and materials necessary to forge a hammer. His punches tongs and drifts were perfectly suited to the task. he had a super efficient gas forge than made hardening and tempering a breeze. Much better than the tools I use to forge hammers. He had preforged blanks of 1045 of several weights available to the students. He also came with a belt sander and boxes of handles. He had book of lay outs for the eyes so every one wound up with a centered well balanced eye. We also got a detailed hand out so we could continue on our own. I would recommend this class to anyone beginner or advanced. I forged a diagonal peen hammer that is just over 2.5 lbs I was also gifted the hammer he demoed it was a 2.25 Lb hammer. I love both hammers they are well balanced and well thought out tools. I have been using them for the past few days they may be my new favorites. I am still not sure about the diagonal peen yet but I did not have one so that's what I made.

1. Joe and Nathan forging a cutlers hammer.
2. Close up of cutler's hammer
3. Cross peen hammer being heated in my induction forge.
4. Hammer I forged
5. hammer Nathan forged
6. Side view of both hammers.

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Nathan sure gets around. I took this class Dec. 3rd at Mark Hemmer's shop in Pacific, Mo. I made a 2 1/2 lb rounding hammer. I also would recomend taking his class. Nathan is a great guy, and excellant teacher.

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